Monday, July 4, 2011

Bullards Beach to Harris Beach - 89 miles

This was July 4th so it seemed prudent to get on the road early which is what I did. The plan was to ride the 25 miles to Port Orford and have breakfast there. Leaving Bullard Beach I took the scenic bikeway road and ended up on a dead-end out by this inlet. Very pretty but not the way I wanted to start the day.
I got back on route and enjoyed seeing the city of Bandon which seems to be suffering from overbuilding. There was lots of for sale signs everywhere. Very pretty views of the coast from several of the properties. Something, though, felt a little hollow about this place. I would need to spend more time here to know if that was a valid observation or not.

This silly looking sculpture was along the road going out of town.
Pedaling into Port Orford I see a restaurant and a guy walking towards the front door. I ask him if it is any good and says yes and it needs to be since it is the only place for breakfast. I noticed he has some strange Chinese herbal liniment formula in his hands that I happen to have called Five Photos. Since this is a rather obscure piece of knowledge we start talking and I find out he is a retired guy from California who had been a harmonica player in a band to a hunting guide doing mule trains and worked in the forestry service. Breakfast was a little slow and it was probably two hours before I got my food and ate. When I came out they had the main street closed down for the parade.

Once out of town the coastal views were so spectacular I was stopping every 5 minutes to look.

I was already at Humbug Mountain which was only another 5 miles or so out of town. The choice was to stop early and camp there or push to the next hiker/biker site at Harris Beach about 45 miles away. With a terrific tailwind it was an easy decision to push on.

So, I still make it in to the campground early at around 3 p.m. There is no one at the hiker/biker site so I set up camp, take a shower and then head into Brookings to pick up some food. Chicken from the deli and a couple beers make supper that night. When I get back Michel  and his son are setting up camp. They had fun watching the parade in Port Orford. We talked about the great riding that day, the terrific scenery and I hear more stories about the ride Michel is doing.

This is a link to Michel's page during his time in Oregon. It has pictures of him and his son.  Check it out....

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