Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Camp to Home!

Originally I had planned to camp at Tree of Heaven campground tonight. Somewhere along the road I decided that idea was not so great and that I wanted to eat and sleep at home tonight. I think when I got to the Klamth River market called Quigleys and was looking for food that nothing looked good and so I called my wife from the pay phone there since there is no cell coverage and told her my plan.

It was going to be a heck of a ride but she could pick me up in Yreka at the Mexican restaurant Casa Ramos. And, I had done the 35 mile ride from Yreka to Mount Shasta a hundred times so that did not seem like a big cheat.

Check out the State of Jefferson flag flying in the low position. The State of Jefferson was a short-lived secession movement to try and get some politicians attention and more money sent up this way in 1941. 

I get to the turnoff for 263 which is a beautiful road next to the Shasta River and find out the road is closed. That means the only way back is over Interstate 5!! I had never ridden this road on my bike and really wanted to do this.

There is no way I am riding 8 miles on I5 with the noise from hundreds of big rigs. So, I call my wife to come get me at the rest stop off I5 at the junction with 96. 

Here I am ending the tour at a highway rest stop. A somewhat ignominious end to a bicycle tour but as you can see I was delighted!

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