Sunday, July 3, 2011

Florence (Honeymans St Park) to Bandon (Bullards Beach St Park)

This was about a 75 mile day. I got out of Jessie Honeyman's State Park before any of the other cycle tourists got up. It must have been the lack of coffee but I suddenly realized that Oregon's rumble strip is the best one for cyclists.

It seems they can paint and somehow pattern the blacktop all in one process. Plus, it is narrow, does not extend into the shoulder where cyclists ride, and also is not so deep like some that almost knock you off your bike. Anyhow, kudos to Oregon Transportation Dept for this design and hopefully other states will copy it.

This critter had been hit by a car but was still alive. I thought it was a beaver at first but then realized the tail indicates something else. This thing was pretty big at around 7 - 8 pounds. Anyone know what it is?

Gardiner has to be one of the saddest looking towns along the Oregon coast. The only people I saw were digging out in the mud -  I am guessing for clams.

I finally made it to Reedsport and stopped at the first restaurant in town heading south which was the Harbor Light Family Restaurant. I asked a guy who lived in the house across the street how it was and he said the food was good though a little expensive. So, since I had already pedaled 20+ miles on an empty stomach I went in. The special this morning was razor clams and scrambled eggs. As much as I wanted to try this since I knew this breakfast option might never present itself again this lifetime, the thought of clams and eggs just did not sit well so I got the smoked salmon and eggs scramble which was darn good.

 I only seemed to see these signs when leaving those areas.
 Oyster Farm
 Welcome to the land of dune buggies, motocross bikes, 3-wheel ATV's, 4-wheel ATV's, trucks pulling trailers with ATV's in the bed, RV's pulling trailers with ATV's in the back and then these motorhead cities of trailers, RV's, and pickups all parked on top of one another with motorcycles, dune buggies and ATV's just buzzing in every direction.
 One of the dune encampments. Truly a motorhead's dream come true!!!
This man was the most amazing person I met on the trip. He and his 39 year old son came in the camp the night before right when I was turning in. Then they showed up at Bullard's Beach this afternoon. I started to talk with Michel and found out he had started in Prudhoe Bay and was going to the tip of Argentina. He was a native French speaker from Quebec and was also fluent in Spanish and heavily accented English. Why was he amazing besides having such an incredible goal? Well, he was 65 years old and was doing the trip mostly by himself. And, 24 months ago he had his first hip replacement with the second one 18 months before he started this trip!!

His son surprised him in Vancouver by meeting him there and then was riding with his Dad as far as San Francisco. The son was an undercover detective for the Montreal police and had just completed a big case and was taking some needed R&R to recuperate. I also had the pleasure to meet up with them again the next night completely by accident again. Great people, great stories, and a strength of character that made me feel good just to stand next to them.


  1. Cool trip! Thanks for sharing. Oh, I'm not positive, but could that critter be a Nutria?

  2. My brother also thinks it is a Nutria and I guess they are also known as a coypu. Thanks for the comment! I still have a few more days to post.