Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Harris Beach to Jeddidiah Smith State Park

This was going to be a very short day at only 28 miles. I would be crossing back into California and was somewhat sad to leave Oregon. The Oregon Coast had been everything I thought it would be and more. The other cycle tourists had been fun to talk with at the campsites and I knew it would be unlikely to meet more at this time. So, I spent some time at the beach by the campground this morning doing Tai Chi and taking pictures.

The fog was just lifting and was creating some really fun light, shadow, and surreal effects.

 This was going over the bridge at Brookings, Or

 There was a group of touring cyclists in the site across from mine - yea! They had driven down from Reno and started in Fortuna and were going to head north into the headwind until they were tired of it and come back. Nice group that shared their mosquito repellent with me - good thing as the skeeters were fierce there.

This had to be the most beautiful campsite of the trip with 250 - 300' tall redwoods to pitch my tent under and the river a minute away.
The clean, clear water of the Smith River right below my campsite.

I hung out with other cyclists that night drinking beer, eating cheese and salami, talking bikes and thinking about how early to get up.

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