Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 16

This is the first day on the road without Jerry and it seems strange.  Longview had a jerky store I did not make it to before leaving.  I got lucky though and found some of the jerky at a store just outside Peter Lougheed Park.  It is excellent and should be tried by all jerky lovers.  Both the original jerky and pepperoni sticks were excellent... 
The mosquitoes here are unbelievable and can fly and attack you at about 20 km/h.  I have never seen such adept insects before.  The scenery was the best of the trip though these pictures cannot capture it.  At he store right at the park entrance they tell us there are no campsites in the park. Rick and I decide we will find something by hook or crook or begging.  We get to the campground entrance and start the 6 K pedal to the offices.  It just starts to sprinkle and I ask God to wait on the rain until we get to the office.  We are obliged in a strange way.

The ranger said a hail storm at this time of year was very unusual. The hail came down very hard and for about 15 minutes. Then the campsite report came in and there were several openings from people who vacated.   The weather cleared and we were in luck!  Dinner was at the campground - beef jerky, raman, trail mix.

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