Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 3 (Cont)

My itouch decided it does not like connecting to wifi anymore so I'm updating this blog via text message - pain!  If anyone knows how to fix a Gen 1 iphone being used as an itouch, PLEASE let me know!

My body deals with hills and it can handle heat. The two together caused legs to file an official protest.  Legs - shut up!

Hiding out from the heat somewhere around mile 35 before the climbing started.  It was 95 degrees in Pocatello today.

Horses let out to roam free along Buckskin Rd. right before it got steep and turned to gravel. 

 Along Buckskin Rd on the downhill before the last climb of the day.

We ate Mexican in Pocatello.  The feeling of a/c, cold ice water, cold beer, salsa, and chips was incredibly wonderful.  Mama Inez is a good stop - 2 for 1 domestic draft beers and wonderful people working there.

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