Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 4 Pocatello to Arco - 85 miles

Day 4 Pocatello to Arco, ID - breakfast at Perkins was excellent and Rachel, our waitress was bubbly and very wide-eyed for 6 am.

We saw this place going through Blackfoot and decided to keep rolling.  Who knows what this was about?

There were lots of potatoes - surprise!!!  Not....

Great tailwind until Blackfoot. Buffalo jerky from the Blackfoot Res rocked. Then xwinds and headwinds to Arco. Winds were blowing about a continuous 25 - 30 mph. I counted at least 15 dead hawks and owls that were killed by traffic when they try to catch the mice along the road. 

Lunch was at Magee's by Atomic City. Pat, the owner, was a wonderful host and fed us his secret recipe beer sausages. He told us this was the first reactor to produce electricity for public use, but, was then closed down after a 30 day proof of concept because the gov't did not want to infringe on private utilities. He also told about us about huge prototype atomic airplane engines for the largest airplane ever designed, however, that project was shut down by JFK since he believed it a waste of money. It was great to get out of the sun and hang out inside a cool abode for an hour.

Dinner at Pickles in Arco. Jalapeno/cheese burger & Corona - yes!

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