Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 19

After a rest day in Canmore where we ate fat, met up with Kiara as planned, restocked food supplies, and took it easy at the Radisson we headed back out on the road for destination Moosequito Creek hostel. 

Kiara has already proven himself masterful at sniffing out the local bakery.  We stocked up on baked goods before leaving Canmore.  A danish is so much better energy food than a powerbar!

Looking for a coffee place in Banff.


Moosequito Creek hostel was really nice.  We met Louie and Stephen (father-in-law and son-in-law team) from eastern Canada and a couple, Glen and Jane from OK both who were cycle touring for the first time and this was there first day on the road.  The hostel did not have showers but did have a wood burning dry sauna.  We had a large pail of water by the door and kept dousing ourselves and going back in.  After 5 rounds of that I felt very clean and ready to sleep.  I would really like to construct an outdoor sauna room like this when I get back home using the wood burning stove in my garage that is never utilized.

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