Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 32 Nanaimo to Victoria

We cannot wait to get out of Nanaimo even though the downtown bakery Mon Petit Choux recommended at the visitor center was one of the best.  We heard all kinds of weird things about Nanaimo from a story there were many women who thought of themselves as witches to that most of the bars were owned and run by the Hells Angels. Regardless of the truth of any of that, we were more than ready to ride on to Victoria. 

Rick eating a healthy breakfast - Sarah take note

On the ferry to Victoria

Pulling into Sidney which is about a 20 km ride from Vic

Local do-gooders in Vic
 The bike trail system in Vic is extensive and very heavily used by the locals for commuting to work and for leisure.  We made it to Vic and stayed on good roads with light traffic.  If we had understood better we could have taken a trail all the way.

We celebrated our arrival to Vic and the impending departure of Kiara with two Longboat Chocolate Porters from Phillips brewing.   

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