Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 30 Pemberton to Whistler

We were lucky last night to score a campsite at the Provincial Park.  We just happened to be talking with the ranger when the reserved campsite owners (two German college coeds) showed up with their backpacks.  The ranger asked them if they would be willing to share and with an affirmative we were set.

Kiara had scored a bottle of Chocolate Porter which we enjoyed down by the stream last night.  I would never have bought this and have never enjoyed beer with added flavorings like chocolate, but, this is the exception to the rule - very, very good and highly recommended.

The ride to Whistler was tough.  Many more climbs than advertised and my legs are tired.  When trying to take my arm warmers off my watch strap decides to break.  Off comes the watch into the road.  I stop immediately to get my altimeter/watch and a lone car comes around the bend and runs it over.  This watch is too expensive to replace - bummer.

The scenery is beautiful and kept my mind from dwelling on the climbs too much.  Rick and Kiara have left me in the dust today and had to wait 10 minutes or so at the entrance to Whistler.  I have always wanted to visit here and ski.
Pulling into Whistler

Reminds me of Disneyworld a little

Looking forward to different food Kiara scoped out for us

Supposed to be the best ice cream in the world - ???

After some excellent Indian curry for lunch for set off again down the road only to find out there was more climbing and the temps were setting record highs. I ran out of water right where Rick and Kiara were waiting by Alice Lake Provincial Campgrounds which was sold out. There was a huge mountain bike festival going on at Whistler which had supposedly drawn about 50K people and everything was sold out for miles around Whistler.

We kept going and made it to just above Squamish and I saw a sign for a private campground. We did not hold out much hope and were prepared to offer payment to set our tents on the front lawn. To our surprise we find out that they had open tent sites due to a large group of people who stayed Thursday and Friday nights to watch the meteor showers and had left that day. The stars align for us again!

Happy Campers

Dawn, the manager, was very nice and recommended the Red Bench restaurant which was about a 4 minute ride away in Brakendale. Our dinner was fabulous. Rick had surf and turf.. I had the mussels and chorizo in a coconut milk curry sauce and Kiara enjoyed the salmon. Our waitress was lots of fun and very informative and kept things lively and the food and drink coming out at just the right pace.  The general store next door provided the ice cream bars for dessert.

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