Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 31 Squamish to Horseshoe Bay and then ferry to Nanaimo

This was supposed to be another downhill easy day that turned into over 3000' of climbing and over 60 miles.  My legs and brain by now are beyond tired and are not begging for time off, but, demanding it.
This Granny Smith apple pancake and good coffee at Red Bench started the day right

We got on the road and it was beautiful scenery.  The road was hell!  The traffic was non-stop trucks, RV's, and cars.  The shoulder was very narrow in spots.  The climbing was way more than I had anticipated.  I would see a hill and mentally just melt and just spin up them and not even try to power my way through anything.

Then a big semi and trailer combo beeps his horn at me and I see his trailer coming over the rumble strip and getting ready to crush me into the metal railing.  I am almost ready to jump off the bike and go over the rail when the trailer straightens and goes no further into the shoulder.  I realize then it is time to remember "Shut up Legs".  With new determination, I start pedaling with real effort and mental awareness.  Kiara and Rick are nowhere in sight.  I get an exit not on the cue sheet that says bike route.  I look everywhere to see if they are waiting for me down the exit and see no one.  Dejectedly I set off on the cue sheet route.

I get to the exit for the ferry and find myself in the situation that there is really no choice but to get on a ferry - all lanes lead to ferries.  I pay and get down in the walk-on passenger line and do not see Rick or Kiara.  I find out later they did exit where there was a bike route sign.  After calling 5 different people to get someone to send Rick an email (our cell phones did not work in Canada) I get hold of my friend Dave from the phone on the ferry.  He sends Rick a note I have boarded the ferry.
View of the islands from the ferry
I get to Nanaimo and reserve the last tent site. We reconnect and find a funky place for a dinner.

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