Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 26 Clearwater to Bridge Lake

We decided to take a rest day in Clearwater yersterday.  The reasoning was that we mentally needed it, the campground we were in was OK, Clearwater had a great bakery, and it seemed about time.  The weather decided to be rainy all day and I got to really test out my rain gear.  The Showers Pass jacket and hood from REI worked well and looked like a matched set with my Rivendell rain pants. 

I wanted to see the waterfalls in Wells Gray Park  since a local had described them as taller than Niagra though not as much volume.  We looked into some kind of shuttle or tour to take out to them.  The prices were expensive and riding the bikes up a steep hill was not appealing on a day off in the rain so maybe some other time.

So, back on the road heading to Bridge Lake.  Once we got to Little Fork we turned off Canada Highway 5 onto a secondary road called route 24.  The change in scenery and traffic was dramatic and all our spirits soared as we headed up the long climb everyone we talked to warned us about.  The climb out of Little Fork was long and hard and so worth it!

So nice to be on the road less traveled

The Big Ripoff of the trip now takes place. It is not like a ripoff of your pension plan or something, but, it was enough to get your attention and provided lots of conversation that night at the campground talking with the owner and the next morning with the owner of the restaurant we ate at. I had been seeing these signs for espresso. Rick finally agreed while Kiara smartly pedaled on to the campground. Rick and I ordered two cappuccinos and two pieces of cake without asking the price. When the bill came it was $34.40!!! We found out later all the locals were on to this place and heard similar stories like $18 for one bowl of minestrone soup. Everyone agrees the food is excellent but no one agrees it is worth these prices and no locals every patronage the place more than once. At least we got these nice pictures of the building, lake, and resident cat.

Here are a couple pics of Bridge Lake about 100 feet from our campsite. Locals say the fishing is excellent and a RV neighbor had caught about a 12 lb lake trout that afternoon. The lake was also full of kokanee salmon. Everyone here uses a rig that includes a dodger or what is commercially sold as a Hot Spot Flasher. Lots of happy fisherman at Bridge Lake. Sshh..... Don't tell anyone.

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