Thursday, June 30, 2011

Portland to McMinnville

Today is the start of the 550 mile tour out to the Oregon Coast and back to Mount Shasta. McMinnville is about 45 miles away which is perfect but there is no camping around there that was listed on-line. Chris suggests checking our where people list rooms like a B&B. I find one that looks nice for $60 and book it.

There were surely better ways to get to McMinnville but with my GPS not having a complete map set and me not being prepared with more detailed maps I decided to stick with the main road which is 99W. It is pretty busy and with the July 4th weekend coming up it was a non-stop parade of pickups with trailers, RV's, cars, and tractor-trailers.

Getting close to McMinnville now

Downtown McMinnville

I meet up with Marty and Paula my airbnb hosts. The "room" turned out to be the whole upstairs including a den/sitting room, a "Sun" room, bath and bedroom. Everything was very clean and tastefully decorated. There is no TV in your room if that is something important to you. The bathroom has a shower with no bath. I loved my stay here and felt very welcomed and quite at home. Paula and Marty also accommodated my touring bicycle. On top of this, the location makes it a ten minute walk to downtown McMinnville which has to be one of the top small city downtowns in the US. My only regret is not getting to sample local wines which appear to be in abundant supply with many wineries close by.

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