Wednesday, June 22, 2011

San Juan Island

I wake up in the Cliff House and am just blown away by the views from here. It is a spartan little place with the shower in an outbuilding about 100' away and the bathroom in the main house, but, this is like being on the top of the world.
Difficult to show how it looks up here.

So, after eating some apple and yogurt I brought yesterday it is time to explore the island a bit. There is a nice 20 - 25 mile loop around the island. Over at the state park I meet Eugene who is the campground manager. We talk for awhile and he tells me there is a hiker/biker site there that has never filled up. We talk of travel and then discover we are both of Polish ancestry and that Poland is his favorite travel destination due to good food, beer, people, and reasonable costs - that got added to the bucket list and maybe someday will happen.

Touring through downtown to get some food stores this wonderful view of the bay presented itself. The flowers were in bloom and it was lots of fun to just ride along and enjoy the views.

Alpacas recently shored.

These alpaca were at the Krystal Acres farm. After completing the tour round the island this time I made it up the hill to the Cliff House without walking since the bike was not weighted down with all my gear - yea!!

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