Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sidney, BC back to the US San Juan Island

The ferry to San Juan Island does not leave until mid-afternoon so I decide to check out Butchart Gardens. It was only about an 8 mile ride from John and Kumiko's so I decided to pack everything up and be ready to go and then ride over.

Butchart Gardens is an estate originally owned by Jennie and Robert Pim Butchart and is 55 acres in size. The gardens and estate are very beautiful and seemingly well cared for since everywhere I went there were usually 3 workmen doing something like trimming bushes, fixing a structure, painting, etc. Though I enjoyed touring the grounds the $30 price seemed a bit steep.On the other hand, how do you put a price on enjoying such beauty?

Himalayan Blue Poppy

Downtown Friday Harbor
I caught the ferry to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. I had no idea what to expect but immediately liked the downtown area that is right next to the docks.

The local grocery store has a great wine selection and I stock up on various food items and a couple bottles of wine. I have been told the road to where I am staying tonight is very steep.

I am figuring, no way will my bike get pushed up the hill. But, about half-way up Cady Mountain I give up and push the rest of the way. I am rewarded with an unbelievable view and find out my lodging will be a little cabin called the Cliff House.

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