Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Train from Bellingham to Portland

The plan all along was to take the train and it was completely sold out, so lucky I already had tickets pre-paid for me and my bike. This train has a special baggage car with bike racks. You have to take your panniers off but do not have to box the bike and it is only $5 for the bike. So, with my AAA discount my bike and I travel to Portland for $46.

I get into Portland around 3:15 pm within 10 minutes of the schedule and decide to find the Stumptown Coffee House downtown which is famous in coffee snob circles. Downtown Portland is pretty edgy with lots of homeless looking people and many folks with that rasta/hippy/tatto-pierced up rough urban hipster look. It makes me feel a little on edge but man does that Stumptown macchiato hit the spot.

A month or so before a couple from Portland started and ended their bike tour at my house, so they had invited my to stay at their place. Joanie gave me a great route out to their house.

Good bike lanes on most bridges in Portland

Willamette River in downtown Portland

I hear someone calling my name and see Chris. We hang out at their neighborhood coffee shop which sells Stumptown coffee. The local discussion is whether locals are going to continue supporting Stumptown because it has been bought by a bigger company. People love the coffee but are not sure about giving the company their money now. 

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