Thursday, June 23, 2011

San Juan Island to Orcas Island

Wednesday night the wind starts howling and it is loud. Luckily, there is no rain but the buffeting of the windows and screens wake me up several times. Even though it is only 5 am I decide to get going and make the early ferry to Orcas Island where I will spend from Thursday June 23rd until Tuesday June 28th at the Bob Fong Tai Chi camp lead by Bob with guest appearances by Master TY Pang who taught Bob and the two teachers in Mount Shasta that I have studied with the last 10 years.

The early morning light made this old dilapidated house look like something from a Lord of Rings movie. I get a very good cappuccino downtown at Cafe Demeter. Then I got on the ferry.

On the ferry I meet up with one of the locals, Kelly, I met up on Cady Mountain. We talk about how magical it is up on that mountain and he tells me that though the wind last night was pretty big, it is another whole experience in a storm.

The views off the ferry are spectacular.

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